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Hello, you are in Ilha do Mel

In Encantadas Beach you will find 42 properties. Restaurants, inns and campsites with the most diverse structures, all surrounded by our wonderful Atlantic forest. We also have three markets, which offer almost everything, but with less variety and a little high price. So if you find it necessary to bring items from the continent. The Medical Post is close to the pier and serves emergencies, however pharmacies and hospitals are in Pontal do Sul and Paranaguá. Cultural attractions vary according to the time of year, but we are sure that you will pass by places and people to be enchanted! Do not forget to note the sights you want to know, the Gruta de Encantadas is 7 minutes from here. All trails are well signposted and you can get a map from reception to know which one you want to do first, all the way is well signposted to make your ride as safe and rewarding as possible.

If you are coming for the first time, please note that you will need:

Sunscreen and repellent
To enjoy the beach and enjoy the trails these are essential items, protect you from burns and also the insects that exist here;
Medicines and toiletries
Here on the Island we have 3 markets that provide basic items for your stay, but if you like something special or need medication, better bring along on the trip;
Raincoat / windshield and flashlight
Be safe! The lighting here is just that of the moon, and if it rains we don’t want you to get wet;
Slipper and sneakers
Here heeled shoes have no use! You will walk on sand, on rocks … on the trails. Bring comfortable shoes;

How the crossing works

From Pontal do Sul the boats have regular departures every 1 hour, from 8h to 18h and the journey takes about 30 minutes. When buying your ticket, make sure you're coming to Encantadas. Another option, faster is to hire a water taxi, this option reduces the time to 10 min. When you arrive at Encantadas pier, you can request a porter (wheelbarrows) to bring your luggage to us. The walk takes around 3 minutes.

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